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    1. Nutrition

      Registered Dietitians are uniquely trained to translate the complex science of nutrition into effective dietary programmes that deliver results. They are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law and governed by an ethical code of conduct, to ensure that you will receive the most up-to-date, accurate, scientific evidenced based dietary information.


      Vanessa has been working as a Dietitian for over 17 years. From her experience within the NHS, The Sports Institute and Private work, she has developed an in-depth knowledge in various aspects of nutrition. We are confident that our clients will receive safe, factual dietary advice, tailored to their own individual requirements.


      Nutrition Services Include:


      · Sports Nutrition

      · General Health and Wellbeing

      · Weight management

      · Nutrient deficiency

      · Diabetes

      · Pre-Diabetes

      · Wound healing

      · Fatty Liver

      · Heart Health

      · Individualised meal plans

      · Menu ideas and recipe makeovers

      · Diet/menu nutrition analysis

      · Body composition analysis


      Sports Nutrition:-

      - Want help to reach your personal best / sporting goals?

      - Need to lose or gain weight to improve your performance?

      - Want to learn how to adequately recover between training sessions and stay fuelled?

      - Are you confused about supplements or nutrition aids for sporting performance?

      - Want to know how best to eat during injury/recovery?


      Vanessa has helped athletes exceed their sporting aspirations, with two of her previous clients obtaining paralympian Gold and Bronze medals.


      General Nutrition:-

      - Need to lower your cholesterol?

      - Need to lose weight to help knee osteroarthritis?

      - Have you been diagnosed with fatty liver or iron deficiency?

      - Need to gain weight but want to stay healthy?

      - Want a sensible diet as opposed to the latest food fad?

      - Do you want to make gradual steps so you don’t have to completely change your diet?


      Vanessa is trained in behavioural modification techniques to help guide and support you in making the necessary dietary changes to improve your health and well-being.



      - Confused about your blood results and don’t know the difference between pre-diabetes,Type 2 diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes?

      - Are you fed up with the conflicting diabetes dietary advice given?

      - Do you want to understand your condition and improve your diabetes control?

      - Do you want to know about carbohydrates/food labels/portion control?

      - Do you want to help prevent diabetes related complications?


      Vanessa has been working as a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian for 9 years. She can make sense of the science!

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